The best suppliers in Europe. From a single source.

Our digital ecosystem connects the best suppliers in Europe and creates real scale at the highest quality for our customers.

Targeted actions for top quality production

To meet our very high quality standards, we have implemented targeted measures throughout the production chain. In addition to a network of meticulously selected and evaluated partners, this also creates a promise of quality in the production of your components.

Selection process

All providers must go through a detailed multi-step application process before being accepted into our ecosystem. This includes face-to-face meetings and test productions in addition to precise data collection on production capacity.


We do not believe in random tendering where the quickest or cheapest wins. That is why every request and every order is awarded only to the partner whose competence is most appropriate. That way you get the expertise and capacity you really need.

Production monitoring

We digitally monitor the entire production chain and keep you informed at all times. Any delays or feedback is transmitted to you in real time. If necessary, we react proactively and use our own production to ensure delivery times and our high quality standards are met.

Quality control and evaluation

All orders pass through the ISO 9001:2015 certified in-house measurement centre. In addition, each order is subsequently evaluated together with the partner to not only maintain consistently high quality, but to continuously improve.

Набиране на персонал


Employee support and social behaviour are an integral part of the company’s philosophy. They encourage the sharing of skills and the transfer of know-how.

Helping employees to develop their skills and competencies, maintain their employability, maintain their performance – these are daily challenges for Service Steelparts’ managers and HR.


Employee engagement depends on the meaning they put into their work and tasks. Service Steelparts leadership strives to promote the well-being of all and provide practical answers to build and maintain that loyalty to the company. There are many success stories at Service Steelparts. There are numerous employees who started as trainees, apprentices, operators… and now hold management or senior expert positions.


The major changes in the work environment associated with the digital transformation of our practices require the company and its employees to adapt. Everyone’s input and shared expertise allows us to adapt to these changes and respond proactively to new challenges. Each of us, regardless of our job, should be able to contribute with suggestions to improve existing processes or to invent the future of logistics.

Targeted actions to achieve the highest production quality

To be able to develop together with our suppliers, continuous evaluation and monitoring is necessary. This is why we have developed our own evaluation system, in which each order is evaluated according to clearly defined criteria and communicated transparently to the supplier.

Creating a culture of quality

Customers decide the quality. It’s that simple. So to define quality, our company engages in a continuous and interactive process. A process aimed at understanding what is important from our customers’ perspective.

Track and reduce quality costs

We understand what quality means to our customers. The main goal of the quality circles is “self” and mutual development, cohesive teamwork and participation in continuous improvement activities, thus improving quality.

Using new technologies

With the rise of information technology, we as manufacturers finally have cost-effective solutions that are more efficient than ever in connecting and providing detailed supply chain visibility from our partners.