Manufacturing processes

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Our manufacturing processes

CNC Turning

We supply parts in almost all types of materials that can be machined, except wood and plastic. We supply precision components to order with almost all part sizes in the desired delivery date from our customers.

CNC Milling

Our supply spectrum includes complex three-dimensional contour machining with innovative fixturing and tooling technologies on machines with up to 7 axes. Don’t worry to ask us anything you are interested in. Just contact us.


We are mainly specialized in the supply of welded parts and welding of metal structures made of profile and black sheet steel. Wait! We forgot to mention stainless steel, where we have been the best experts on the market for years.

Sheet material processing

Precision sheet metal parts made from virtually any material available, as well as supplying sheet metal welding assemblies. All from a single source.

Surface processing

You can get an instant offer for wet painting of your parts right in the platform. Simply select the RAL colour and gloss level to get a price.

Laser cutting

Simply upload your CAD files to the platform to get an instant offer and delivery date. Once confirmed, we take care of the delivery of your parts.