Established over 15 years ago, we deliver quality and security to our customers. We supply our customers with engineering solutions for the construction, marine, structural steel fabrication and countless other industries.

And what we take on is done with first-class performance every time. How? Our mechanical testers and inspectors stand at the highest level of QA to take care of everything, no matter the complexity of the project.
We are proud to keep our reputation as a world-class supplier.
Our network of highly qualified suppliers helps us to bring satisfaction to our customers by delivering welded parts of the highest quality.

If you are delayed with your project, our team is at your service. Our partners have unlimited production capacity, which helps us provide solutions for our customers. Service Steelparts will take the stress out of your business by ensuring all of your parts are delivered to you right on time!

It would be difficult to find many supply companies that have done more custom work than Service Steelparts over the last fifteen years.

Our suppliers are specialized in welding and fabrication, which means we can take on projects that few other online suppliers would be qualified to deliver to you. We are very proud to have helped our customers to complete hundreds of unique and interesting projects.

Welding procedures, technology and focus on the customer:

Welding methods used by our suppliers:

  • Manual arc welding (MAD)

  • Welding in gas environment (MIG/MAG)

  • GTAW/TIG welding

  • Spot welding

Our suppliers usually perform welding with an overlay of:

  • Ring shaped channels

  • Red brass

  • Head connectors, etc.

  • Areas of internal sealing in the weld body on a plate.

We have a network of suppliers who use the latest welding technologies. With it, they can weld many different types of materials in many different specialist grades on their premises or if necessary, on the customers’ facilities, to ISO 15614 and ISO 9606 standards.

The types of materials we work with are:

  • Soft steel

  • Aluminium

  • Stainless steel

  • Brass

  • Titanium

  • And many more

Service Steelparts’ wide network of welding suppliers helps you to complete your projects on time, no matter if it’s a one-off or series production.

You can count on us to supply all parts of your project – our partners offer all services from cutting and bending
to welding and surface coating.

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Why you should work with us?

We are not only an online supplier that can offer you welded parts, but also a supplier that can help you with the execution of your entire project. In this way, we are able to help at all different stages of the project, providing reliable expertise throughout the whole process for our clients and also taking care of administrative tasks.

Our team has more than 10 account managers with experience in the manufacturing industry, and our focus is to be a business partner, not just a supplier.

Service Steelparts has plenty of experience delivering security for a wide range of engineering industries, including clients in industrial automation, aerospace, construction and many more.

Our welding partners include manufacturers that follow ISO 3834 quality standards. We can also provide the EN 1090 certification required for the manufacture of load-bearing steel structures used in the construction industry.

Supply of precisely manufactured metal parts for a variety of applications

Examples of products created in high volumes by our welding and precision manufacturing partners include devices for sale and equipment for retail stores, HVAC systems, electrical cabinets, metal cabinets and lighting systems.

As industry leaders in the supply of steel parts using partners and 5s techniques, we not only guarantee the best quality, but also productivity advantages for our customers, including faster delivery times and cost efficiencies.

The welding methods of our partners:

Welding with metal inert gas

For a soft steel fabrication that will be visible on the finished part or product, our suppliers have an experienced team of highly skilled workers using inert gas welding.

spot welding

Our partners can offer spot welding, which is used for materials thinner than 3 mm and when large flat invisible areas of metal need to be welded.

Welding with tungsten electrode

Our suppliers are precise manufacturers that also offers tungsten electrode welding, which is commonly used for stainless steel. Tungsten electrode welding also requires special skills.

Some of the Service Steelparts projects we have helped our customers to complete

Welding is such a flexible manufacturing process that it is difficult to show all the orders we have completed, but here are just a few:



We believe that manufacturing services is a skilled trade that should be supported by industry leading accreditations and qualifications.

Safety, efficiency and quality are the building blocks we use to give our customers the results they have come to expect from Service Steelparts.

Welding services can come from a variety of sources and can offer several different types of custom needs.

What makes us different from other suppliers in Germany is that all work is supervised by our in-house international engineers, who ensure that officially qualified welding procedures are strictly followed.

Modern logistics of procurement

As an online manufacturer with a network of over 2,000 manufacturing partners, Service Steelparts has access to practically unlimited capacity to produce all types of custom parts, ensuring your supply chains.

With the help of machine learning algorithms, we find the optimal manufacturer in terms of quality, price and delivery time for each of your projects – from prototype to series production.

Service Steelparts is the only contracted partner and contact point throughout the duration of the project and takes full responsibility for on-time delivery and quality of parts.

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Receiving a offer for your engineering project is easy. Simply send us an email with all the information needed, including drawings, and our engineers will respond with a offer.

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