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  • Safe to handle parts with clean edges

  • FAI documentation available to validate dimensions and tolerances

  • Detail coating options

  • Cosmetic corrections in cases where aesthetics is a priority

Our order processing procedure

Unlike traditional suppliers, we have infinite capacity and an easy to use system for online offers, ensuring on time delivery every time – whether you need one part or 500 parts. You also have access to our team of highly skilled engineers to optimize part design and user-friendly online resources. Reduce production time and complete your project faster with one online supplier. From prototypes and sub-assemblies, to finishing options.

Service Steelparts – supply options for bent sheet metal parts we offer:

Our partners offer high quality bending services including:

  • Bending of beams

  • Bending of structural steel

These opportunities can benefit companies in many industries, including:

  • Manufacturers of structural steel

  • Contractors of public works

  • Equipment manufacturers

  • Shipyards

  • And many more

Service Steelparts combines its large network of suppliers with the new capabilities of the digital age, a partnership-based consulting approach, and an effective network of contract manufacturers.

Why you should order from Service Steelparts?

  • Offer received within 48 hours

  • Flexible and free capacity at any time

  • Best price-quality ratio at the highest quality standards

Advantages of using cold-formed steel

  • High strength

  • More opportunities

  • Greater stability

Service Steelparts is committed to provide its customers with products and services that meet and exceed expectations.

Our professional sales staff will assist customers in every step of selecting the right metals for their project.
The variety that our material suppliers offer are just a phone call away .
We will deliver your bent parts the way you want it, when you want it.

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Precise shaping by mechanical processing

Exclusive metal bending services for high quality custom prototypes and production parts. Achieve the best possible results from bending at low cost and quick delivery times.

  • Part Accuracy: With proper design and program input, the CNC machine controls the bending process to ensure that each bend is performed at the correct angle and length. This increases the accuracy and repeatability of the process.

  • Maximum Productivity:The sheet metal bending process can be easily synchronized with automated setup to allow the bending tool to complete the process in the shortest time. This capability ensures maximum productivity.

  • Cost-effective: automation of the bending process for maximum productivity ensures cost-effectiveness. Labour requirements are also low, ensuring that the operation is relatively inexpensive.

  • Smooth finishes: The effective bending process does not involve welding, ensuring that no marks are left on the custom metal parts. CNC sheet metal bending services are also compatible with various finishing processes to ensure better aesthetic results.

What actually is bending of sheet metal?

Bending metal is a process where the metal can deform when force is applied to the object, causing it to bend at an angle and form the expected shape, which often results in the shape of the letter “V” or “U”.

A press brake is a tool that is used to bend sheet metal using a die and a die. Although press bending may seem easy, it can be quite difficult to maintain accuracy during the process. There are several types of press brakes that provide different levels of force applied, such as mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and CNC, to name a few examples.

Due to the design of this press brake, it is not a suitable option for air bending. The two main advantages of a mechanical press brake are speed and accuracy, but other press brakes are safer and easier to use, such as CNC press brakes.

A compressor is used to supply air energy to bend the metal sheets. This type of press brake is often used when less pressure is needed. The pneumatic press brake is also best used for bending small metal parts.

Hydraulic press brakes often have the latest technology built into them and are best used for precision bending of metal sheets, making them a popular choice for bending sheet material.

Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC)
Salamander Fabrications has 4 Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) presses including a 4.2m long bed with a 180 tonne capacity. These machines give a very accurate result and are capable of bedding sheet products from just a few millimetres in diameter to metre long sections on some of the larger machines.

What else is possible after bending the material?

The ready bent part is generally ready for immediate use.

Our suppliers work very precisely and accurately in their bending processes.

If there are special requirements for the condition of the outside part or if the normal slight traces of machining are unwanted, this is not a problem.

The improvement, the visual appearance, the protection against abrasion and the prevention against corrosion of bent components are as much a part of our core business as the bending of the material itself.

We achieve perfect surfaces through environmentally friendly and resource-saving surface treatment steps.

Whether it’s sandblasting, glass pearl blasting, anodizing, powder coating, electroless nickel plating, galvanizing, electropolishing and much more – Service Steelparts has suppliers that offer all the benefits of high-quality surface treatment technology.

This applies right down to the last working step.

The effective production of complex precision parts is carried out from A to Z according to customer requirements.

Service Steelparts offers a wide range of stainless steel products for any type of application or specification:

Sheets & plates

The electrical resistant properties of carbon steel make it ideal for compressed air systems. This corrosion resistance can lead to reduced energy costs, better airflow and improved air quality.

Rods & fittings

A long cylindrical metal rod that has many industrial and commercial applications. The round rod can be used for a variety of practices, but is mainly used for tasks where exact dimensions are not a necessity.

Pipes & Profiles

The plate/sheet is used to create structures such as garage roof, ventilation, walls or storage containers.

Diamond plate

The stainless diamond plate or stainless plate with tread has a convex diamond pattern that provides excellent slip and skid resistance when corrosion resistance is important.

Sample bent parts that Service Steelparts has delivered to its customers

Complicated bent parts are welcome! You can count on us to deliver complex parts and get them on time

Supply of process resistant components

Supply of process resistant components

As a competent online manufacturer, Service Steelparts offers an almost fully automated ordering process for its bent parts. When it comes to CNC bending, turning and milling – whether axial and radial bores, cylindrical shapes, slots, grooves and flats – Service Steelparts is the professional partner in machining technology.

The highest precision is a matter of course for us. Bent parts must be able to be assembled and used precisely and in a process-stable manner, as well as prove robust in long-term use. Of course, this avoids later slack in the production process and costly rework.

Modern logistics of procurement

The supply logistics at Service Steelparts is modern and up-to-date. Customers today prefer digital communication via the internet. Most of them prefer contact by email, through the website or inquiry by phone.

Once the customer has gained insight and received all the necessary quotations, the bent parts are ordered from Service Steelparts by email or via the customer portal. As a full partner, we rely on economical and digital processes.

The desired parts are delivered within the agreed timeframe, of course, similarly to the transport service provider. Re-orders of already manufactured parts and components are even faster. This is because the files, drawings and settings used in the bending presses can be easily saved and archived at the customer’s request.

Calculation and ordering in the Service Steelparts online shop is explicitly simplified. The customer uploads a CAD model (STEP file) and a technical drawing (PDF format) of the part to be produced, specifies the desired material, the number of parts (from 1 to 10,000) and the preferred delivery date.

The technical drawing shall provide more detailed information on specific manufacturing tolerances, materials, fits, threads and surfaces. In short, all the information you need so that we can safely and accurately manufacture complex functional components with the highest technical requirements for you.

Sheet material bending: delivery time, production process and service

At Service Steelparts, we work with proven partners and have a massive network of suppliers. Our partners have the latest equipment, which ensures consistently available capacity for our customers. As a professional digital manufacturer in the machining sector, Service Steelparts knows exactly the high expectations that are placed on a modern CNC service provider today.

The regular average delivery time for ordered bent parts is normally 15-20 working days. As an express service, it can also be faster at 9-12 business days. With the super express service, parts are delivered even faster within 72 hours.

We are an online platform and only work with external suppliers to fulfil your orders. We use only qualified suppliers who can provide the quality you need. Service Steelparts regularly subjects its partners to a demanding quality check.

Quality assurance also includes inspecting each order individually for all customer-specific manufacturing tolerances and quality characteristics prior to shipment. Service Steelparts always remains the first and only point of contact for the customer.

The customer receives their bent parts with the highest precision, speed and quality from one source. This applies to all production and service stages of bending. Service Steelparts employees are happy to clarify queries or special requirements at short notice via email, chat or telephone.

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All uploads are secure and confidential