Industrial coatings in Service Steelparts.
The best solution for industrial coatings.

Service Steelparts has the best network of metal fabrication partners and applies a quality-driven approach to the work it performs. Using a modern combination of equipment, we are able to provide our customers with a wide range of high quality products.

What does the metal coating actually mean?

To keep metal products and materials in the best possible shape, they are often coated with metal coatings. Without this coating, the environment will undoubtedly affect the metal, causing it to corrode and rust.

Common examples of metal coating materials include polymers such as epoxy resin, moisture resistant urethane and polyurethane. The type of coating depends on what the product will ultimately be used for, as different coatings offer different levels of protection.

For example, some coatings are applied to protect the underside of the metal from dirt, debris, rust or corrosion. These types of metal coatings are typically used for outdoor use products, such as outdoor patio sets or pool accessories.

The coatings protect against potentially damaging weather that can affect your furniture.

On a larger scale, metal coatings also help to protect heavy equipment such as trains, cars, boats and aircraft.

When these products are manufactured, they are exposed to agents such as lubricants, oil, fuel or dirt that can cause damage and degrade their quality. This is where metal coatings come into play, as they help the product withstand any potential damage.

Specifically, they prevent the surface beneath the metal coating from being chipped or scratched, as many of these large-scale facilities do at least some damage during operation. The coatings themselves are flexible and move with the product they cover to further aid in damage protection.

In other applications and industries, metal coatings can also act as torsion agents or lubricants. Consider parts such as fasteners, screws and bolts that are constantly being tightened or loosened. The metal coating can protect the structure from damage or wear.

Look around your home and there’s a good chance you’ll find something that has a metal coating. Galvanized steel is a particularly popular example of a metal coating that is used in a variety of ways, including for benches, bolts, nails, stairs, ladders, and more.

Metal coatings come in a variety of options to meet the aesthetic needs of the application. For example, airplanes or cars need to have smooth metal coatings to ensure that the vehicle can move as usual. The manufacturers of these vehicles choose the colour of the metal coating to best match the product as a whole, often choosing the most inconspicuous colour possible.

Metal coatings come in two different forms – liquid and powder. The product itself can be sprayed with the coating or dipped in the metal coating.

We are dedicated to providing metal coating solutions to our customers in a wide range of industries. Our customers can count on our products to deliver the promised performance consistently and reliably across a wide range of demanding applications and surfaces.

Why you should order from Service Steelparts?

  • Offer received within 48 hours

  • Flexible and free capacity at any time

  • Best price-quality ratio at the highest quality standards

Our services and advantages for coating

  • More colour choices and customisation available

  • Often this is a lower upfront cost method

  • You can finish it anywhere as the paint doesn’t need an oven to dry.

Industrial coatings in Service Steelparts.
The best solution for industrial coatings.

Service Steelparts has the best network of metal fabrication partners and applies a quality-driven approach to the work it performs. Using a modern combination of CNC and NC equipment, we are able to provide our customers with a wide range of high quality products.

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Work steps in coating of metal parts

Cleaning the metal surface

Before painting, metal surfaces should be cleaned of any dirt, grease, old paint and rust. Use suitable sandpaper or other scraping tool to remove dirt, grease and other deposits from the metal surface. Mineral spirits are helpful when it comes to heavy deposits of grease. Alternatively, cleaning with a mild detergent solution can also help wash away stubborn dirt.

Removal of rusty sediment

Rust interferes with paint sticking, which is why it’s important to get rid of it before applying the metal paint.
Light rust can be restored by brushing, sanding and applying a suitable high quality primer with anti-corrosive properties.
Applying any paint to a rusted surface will also damage and rust the metal paint itself.

Application of the proper primer

Priming is one of the most important steps before applying paint to metal. Although a water-based primer should not be applied to metal surfaces, other priming options, such as rust suppression primers, galvanizing primers, and iron oxide primers, are more suitable options. Applying the primer immediately after surface preparation can help protect against flash rusting or dust accumulation.


No matter what paint you apply, the precautions and steps to follow remain the same.
Clean the metal surface of dust or grease, remove peeling or flaking paint and get rid of rust.
Finally, apply a coat of primer, after which the metal paint can be applied.

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Metal coatings provide a protective layer for a variety of products, protecting them from weathering or other causes of abrasion.

Increases durability
When the coating is applied to the outer surface of the article, it in turn changes the surface properties of the article. If the product did not have a coating, it would not be as durable or long-lasting.

Prevents rust forming
Specifically, metal coatings help prevent oxidation and the appearance of rust on a metal object. Liquids and chemicals can quickly affect the durability and longevity of the product.

Increases the possibility of load bearing
Metal coatings not only help to provide a durable and corrosion-resistant layer to the product, but can also increase the load-bearing capacity of the product. This means that metal coatings can help increase the load bearing capacity of the products they are applied to, allowing them to be used in a huge number of applications.

Reduces friction
The additional layer of coating provides a protective layer that prevents the amount of friction created between two moving parts. This is particularly useful when protecting parts that require multiple constant movements.

Facilitates assembly and disassembly
Reducing friction makes it easier to assemble and disassemble products from one another. This helps to simplify the cleaning process and remove any non-stick characteristics of the original product.

Sample painted parts we have delivered to our customers:


Functional surfaces for the highest quality requirements

Functional surfaces for the highest quality requirements

Your specialist for customised functional coatings in mechanical, transport, medical, chemical, food and packaging.

Surface technology at the highest level.

Our experienced employees guarantee precision and top quality for functional surface technology.

Modern logistics of procurement

The procurement logistics at Service Steelprats is modern and up-to-date. Customers today prefer digital communication via the internet. Most of them prefer email contact through the website or telephone inquiry for their painted parts.

Once the customer gets a general idea and all the required offers, the coated parts are ordered from Service Steelparts via email or through the customer portal. As a full manufacturing partner, we count on economical and digital processes.

The desired parts are delivered within the agreed delivery date, of course, similarly to the transport service provider. Re-orders of already manufactured parts and components are even faster. This is because the files, drawings and settings used in the coating of the parts can be easily saved and archived at the customer’s request.

Calculating and ordering in the Service Steelparts online shop is explicitly simplified. The customer uploads a CAD model (STEP file) and a technical drawing (PDF format) of the part to be produced, specifies the desired material, the number of parts (from 1 to 10,000) and the preferred delivery date.

The technical drawing shall provide more detailed information on specific manufacturing tolerances, materials, fits, threads, and surfaces. In short, all the information you need so that we can safely and accurately manufacture complex functional components with the highest technical requirements for you.

Delivery time, production and service

At Service Steelparts, we work with proven partners and have a vast network of suppliers. Our partners have state-of-the-art equipment, which ensures consistently available capacity for our customers. As a professional digital manufacturer in the machining sector, Service Steelparts knows what the high expectations are for a modern coating service provider.

The regular average delivery time for ordered coated parts is normally 15-20 working days. As an express service it can also be faster at 9-12 working days. With the super express service, parts are delivered even as fast as within 72 hours.

We are an online platform and only work with external suppliers to fulfil your orders. We use only qualified suppliers who can provide the quality you need. Service Steelparts regularly subjects its partners to a demanding quality check.

Quality assurance also includes inspecting each order individually for all customer-specific manufacturing tolerances and quality characteristics prior to shipment. Service Steelparts always remains the first and only point of contact for the customer.

The customer receives their coated parts with the highest precision, speed and quality from a single source. This applies to all production and service stages of the parts coating. Service Steelparts employees are happy to clarify inquiries or special requirements at short notice via email, chat or phone.

How it works

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2. Order

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3. Delivery

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