CNC milling parts from Service Steelparts with the highest quality standards

Service Steelparts’s partners use the latest CNC milling technology.
The CNC milling machines and machining centers of our partners are supplied by a number of quality machinery manufacturers.
These reliable machines feature a variety of table sizes that allow them to offer CNC milling of parts over 1m x 500mm in length, and have 4th axis and pallet change options.

This gives them great flexibility to efficiently and economically produce the parts that our customers require.
Their metalworking machines are located in small cell units so they can offer their customers the most effective production methods. This allows them to machine components for our customers in the most effective and economical way.
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Service Steelparts – Data list for milling parts

Technical specifications

  • Available diameters: Ø1 mm – Ø7,000 mm

  • Available lengths: 0,5 mm – 20 000 mm

  • Permissible deviations: +/- 0,01 mm

  • Surface roughness: 3,2 Ra µm

  • Lots sizes: 1 – 10 000 pieces

  • The best file formats: STEP, PDF, DXF


  • Aluminum

  • Titanium

  • Brass

  • Red brass

  • Stainless steel

  • Tool steel

  • Steel

Service Steelparts has a network of suppliers with many years of experience in the milling industry that offer the highest quality machining of parts. As well as a consultancy approach based on the partnership and efficiency of a network of contract manufacturers.

Why you should order from Service Steelparts?

  • Offer received within 48 hours

  • Flexible and free capacity at any time

  • Best price-quality ratio at the highest quality standards

Our services and advantages for CNC milling

  • Precision – different tolerance variations

  • Quality Control – Service Steelparts is ISO 9001 certified

  • Finishing – Choose from a variety of solid metal finishes made to your exact specifications

Service Steelparts.
The easiest way to order milled parts.

We combine our massive network of suppliers who have the very latest CNC manufacturing with the new capabilities of the digital age, offering you the highest quality parts and a constant available capacity to meet your needs!

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What does CNC milling actually mean?

Milling is a type of machining that allows the modeling of complex shapes and cutting of pieces from various materials such as metal, wood, plastic, composite materials and others.

Milling is carried out with the help of machine tools which are called milling machines. The milling process itself is carried out by removing material from the surface of the work part. This is done by feeding the workpiece to a cutting tool (milling cutter) rotating on its axis. This tool has cutting edges that remove a little bit of material with each movement.

The production of metal parts is practically impossible without the use of milling machines. The use of these machines has been equally successful in production settings and in home workshops. All milling machines work in approximately the same way and have a similar design.

The differences in the machine models are in their functionality and purpose. Depending on their specific features, each type of milling machine is used for different types of operations.

What else is possible after CNC milling?

The finished milled part is generally ready for immediate use. Our partners are very precise and accurate in their milling processes. If there are special requirements for the condition of the outer part, or if normal slight machining marks are undesirable, this is not a problem.

The improvement, appearance, abrasion protection and corrosion prevention of milled components are as important to our partners as they are to us.. We achieve perfect surfaces through environmentally friendly and resource-saving surface treatment steps.

Sandblasting, glass pearl blasting, anodizing, powder coating, electronickel coating, zinc coating, electropolishing and much more – Service Steelparts offers all the benefits of high-quality surface finishing technology. This remains all the way down to the last working step. The effective production of complex precise parts is carried out from A to Z according to customer requirements.

Working steps in CNC milling in brief

Preparation of semi-manufactured products

Cutting processes such as saw cutting, laser cutting, flame cutting or water jet cutting are used to prepare the milled material from materials such as steel, aluminium or plastic – semi-finished products.

CNC milling setup

In order to prepare the machine tool for the production of a milled part, the required semi-finished product is fixed with suitable turning and milling tools. Experienced and highly skilled employees supervise the process.

CNC milling machine programming

The machining program (NC program) of the CNC machine controls the commands for producing the finished part from the semi-finished part. In the modern infrastructure of computer-controlled systems, programming is done with CAM software.

Manufacture of milled part

After preparation, the actual CNC machining is carried out in basic and additional stages. The measurement of the finished part completes the manufacturing process.

Sample milled parts we have delivered to our customers:

Complex milled parts are welcome! Delivering perfect milled parts is not only our profession. It is also our passion.

As a competent online manufacturer, Service Steelparts offers an almost fully automated ordering process for its CNC milled parts.

As a competent online manufacturer, Service Steelparts offers an almost fully automated ordering process for its CNC milled parts.

For CNC turning and CNC milling – whether axial and radial bores, cylindrical shapes, slots, grooves and flats – Service Steelparts is the professional partner for machining technology.

Highest precision is a matter of understanding for us.

Milled parts must be able to be assembled and used precisely and in a process-stable way, and must be proven to be strong in long-term use.

Of course, this avoids later slack in the production process and costly rework.

Modern logistics of procurement

The procurement logistics at Service Steelprats is modern and up-to-date. Customers today prefer digital communication via the internet. Most of them prefer to get in touch via email through the website or inquire over the phone for their CNC milling inquiries.
Once the customer gets a general idea and all the required offers, the turned parts are ordered from Service Steelprints via email or through the customer portal. As a full manufacturing partner, we count on economical and digital processes.
The desired parts are delivered on the agreed delivery date, of course, similarly to the transport service provider. Re-orders of already manufactured parts and components are even faster. This is because the files, drawings and settings used in CNC milling can be easily saved and archived at the customer’s request.
Calculating and ordering in the Service Steelprats online shop is explicitly simplified. The customer uploads a CAD model (STEP file) and a technical drawing (PDF format) of the part to be produced, specifies the desired material, the number of parts (from 1 to 10,000) and the preferred delivery date.
The technical drawing shall contain more detailed information on specific manufacturing tolerances, materials, fits, threads and surfaces. In summary, all the information you need to enable us to manufacture complex functional components with the highest technical requirements for you safely and accurately.

Delivery time, production and service

Service Steelparts orders most of its orders from partners with their own production lines. As a professional digital manufacturer in the machining sector, Service Steelparts knows what the high expectations are for a modern CNC service provider.

The average delivery time for ordered milled parts is 15-20 working days. As an express service, it can also be delivered faster – in 9-12 working days. The super express service delivers parts fastest within 72 hours.

If for reasons of capacity, or due to rare special requests, orders are outsourced, only qualified suppliers are used. Service Steelparts regularly subjects its partners to a demanding quality check.

Quality assurance also includes checking each order individually for all customer-specific manufacturing tolerances and quality characteristics prior to shipment. Steelparts Service always remains the first and only point of contact with the customer.

The customer receives their milled parts with the highest precision, speed and quality from a single source. This applies to all production and service stages of CNC milling. Service Steelparts employees are happy to clarify any queries or special requirements at short notice via email, chat or phone.

How it works

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1. Inquiry

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2. Order

Once you receive a offer, submit your order quickly and easily.

3. Delivery

To be sure your parts arrive without damage, we pack your goods professionally.

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